Welcome to my brand-new blog on WordPress!  I’m Storyteller John Weaver.  Yes, for business purposes “Storyteller” is my first name, I guess, but you can call me by my middle name: John.


As I begin this new blog, I am freshly home from a morning performing at the Castro Valley Library. It was my 3rd visit to that library this year, and I’m falling in love with the audience.  My initial performance there was in May of 2015, and every time I’ve been back since, I am thrilled to say that each audience has had members who have come up to tell me they’ve seen me there previously, and have been looking forward to the current event.  I’m so pleased with both the personal support, and the support of the value of the storytelling experience.

Isn’t the entryway to the library’s children’s room breathtaking?  After an event, the room is full of families reading, playing games, and just generally having a great time in this beautiful space.

Storyteller John Weaver


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