About Storyteller John Weaver

Storytelling: it’s the art of telling a story — without using a book.  Old tales & new, tricksters & fools, fables & folklore, heroes & scoundrels: anything can happen.

I’m Storyteller John Weaver.  What I love about a tale shared verbally is the very personal connection it makes with each individual listener.  Each individual creates the story’s images in their own head; they are pictures that differ from those in the heads of the other listeners, and they are different from the pictures within my own head as I share the adventure.

I hope to share the adventure with you.  I am based in California, but available throughout the world, at museums, libraries, schools, and a wealth of other locations.  I aim to educate, entertain, enrich & inspire all ages, whether through storytelling performances, artist-in-residence programs, seminar & training events, or even storytime services.

For more information, and a link to upcoming events, please visit my website, storytellerjohnweaver.com.